Eliminate electoral college

Senator barbara boxer, a california democrat, has introduced legislation to eliminate the electoral college under the legislation introduced wednesday, the winner of presidential elections would be determined by the outcome of the popular vote the measure would amend the us constitution boxer. Retiring sen barbara boxer (d-calif) filed legislation tuesday to abolish the electoral college in light of democratic nominee hillary clinton winning the popular vote but still losing the election such legislation makes a statement after an election that shocked democrats, but is unlikely to. The winner-take-all system explains why one candidate can get more votes nationwide while a different candidate wins in electoral college. To eliminate the electoral college would mean far more americans being ignored in elections. Here are some reasons why the united states should retain the electoral college system and what the founding fathers intended when they created it.

Reform options for the electoral college power given to the states by the electoral college this method does not eliminate the spoiler dynamic of third. The electoral college — despite its origin with the founding fathers — is an affront to the principle of one person, one vote when you’re voting in a national election, you’re voting for your state’s electors, the folks who actually choose the president in december. News about the electoral college commentary and archival information about the electoral college from the new york times.

Are there plans to change the electoral college” continue reading home introduced in congress at various times to reform or eliminate the electoral college. Today: marcus is counting on you marcus erenberger needs your help with “the electoral college: remove the electoral college”join marcus and 5. Clinton: we need to eliminate electoral college i fully understand if people don't like the messenger on this one, but hillary aside, is it time to. Outgoing sen barbara boxer of california planned to introduce a bill tuesday that would eliminate the electoral college, following democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton's electoral loss to president-elect donald trump but near-certain victory in the popular vote the legislation would.

Hillary clinton told cnn on wednesday that it is time to abolish the electoral college, part of a sweeping interview about why she lost the 2016 election. I don’t think the electoral college should be phased out on a practical level, it’s generally understood that, if the president were elected by a direct popular vote, then candidates would focus almost entirely on major population centers. This indirect version of a democracy has elected a president and vice president that did not get the majority of the votes (13890 signatures on petition. The primary impact of the electoral college is to give the citizens of some states more influence over the presidential election than citizens of other states.

The national popular vote bill would guarantee the presidency to the candidate who reform the electoral college so that the electoral vote reflects the. Update: sen barbara boxer (d-calif), as she has before, introduced a bill this week to get rid of the electoral college in the below post from the wee hours of the day after election day, we discuss why it's not happening the presidency is the only office where you can get more votes & still. The us electoral college distorts campaigns, disenfranchises voters, and drives partisanship, say scholars who a.

  • Watch video four decades ago, the us came close to getting rid of the electoral college here's what happened—and why it didn't work.
  • Walt - october 28, 2011 the electoral college remains one of the last preservations of federalism it has been 99 years since the states committed virtual suicide with the 17th amendment 98 since the congress assisted in the.
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Today: graham is counting on you graham weaver needs your help with “us senate: abolish the electoral college”join graham and. The electoral college is one of the most dangerous institutions in american politics today the primary impact of the electoral college is to give the c. Sen barbara boxer planned to introduce a bill that would eliminate the electoral college. Should the united states get rid of the electoral college proponents of the electoral college counter that a national popular vote would shift candidates.

eliminate electoral college The electoral college is a democratically indefensible anachronism that dilutes minority votes while disproportionately amplifying whites votes defens.
Eliminate electoral college
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